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gas condensate

Hydrocarbon liquid dissolved in saturated natural gas that comes out of solution when the pressure drops below the dewpoint. (Source: Schlumberger 2019)

gas well

A well completed for the production of natural gas from one or more gas zones or reservoirs. Such wells contain no completion for the production of crude oil. (Available: U.S. Energy Information Administration 2019)

gathering flowline

The pipes used to transport oil and gas from a field to the main pipeline in the area. (Source: Schlumberger 2019)


Validity of inferences as they pertain to people outside of the source population. (Adapted from: Rothman and Greenland 1998)

green completions (reduced emissions completions)

Techniques and equipment used to capture methane, volatile organic compound, and hazardous air pollutant emissions from flowback operations (Adapted from: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 2011).

grey literature

Information that falls outside the mainstream of published journal and monograph literature, not controlled by commercial publishers. (Adapted from: National Institutes of Health Office of Management 2019).