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Here, you’ll find resources about potential community exposures and health effects associated with unconventional oil and natural gas development (UOGD), including a literature database and a spatial bibliography. You can find additional resources on our Publications page.

HEI Energy’s Literature Database

The Energy Research Program’s Literature Database on Zotero, updated weekly, includes citations for literature about potential human exposures and health effects from onshore UOGD in the United States. This resource includes peer-reviewed articles and other literature identified through electronic databases using pre-defined search terms, through reference lists, and through publications sent directly to us from our stakeholders. HEI Energy and its Energy Research Committee compile the database to support their planning for research about potential human exposures and health effects. Users can curate bibliographies by searching tags, titles, abstracts, and author names.

For more detail on studies that reported: levels of chemicals in the environment or in people. Levels of noise, light, or odor.


HEI Energy’s Spatial Bibliography

Our Spatial Bibliography, updated monthly, displays the geographic distribution of a subset of the scientific literature available in the literature database. Organized by state, it is designed to display scientific research related to potential changes in environmental quality from UOGD in the United States.

The studies can be filtered by study type and are sub-categorized as follows: Air Monitoring, Air Modeling, Air Monitoring and Modeling, Water Monitoring, Water Modeling, Water Monitoring and Modeling, Sediment, Sensory, and Biomonitoring. 


Download a table of citations for the literature by clicking on the Download CSV File button after clicking on a state.

U.S. Energy Information Administration. Sedimentary basin boundaries in Lower 48 States. Updated March 11, 2016. Available:

U.S. Energy Information Administration. Low permeability oil and gas play boundaries in Lower 48 State. Updated October 8, 2019. Available:

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