Literature Hub

This page contains resources to explore literature related to the potential community exposures and health effects associated with unconventional oil and natural gas development (UOGD), including a literature database, a spatial bibliography, and research briefs.


HEI Energy’s Literature Database

The Energy Research Program literature database includes citations for literature about potential human exposures and health effects from the onshore development of oil and natural gas from shale and other unconventional resources (UOGD) in the United States. The database includes peer-reviewed and grey literature identified through electronic databases using pre-defined search terms, through reference lists, and through publications sent directly to us from our stakeholders. It is updated weekly.

HEI Energy and its Energy Research Committee compile the database to support their planning for research about potential human exposures and health effects. Users can curate bibliographies by searching tags, titles, abstracts, and author names.

Spatial Bibliography

The HEI Energy spatial bibliography includes the subset of studies from the literature database that reported levels of chemical agents such as benzene and non-chemical agents such as noise in the environment or in human media (e.g., blood) that might be attributable to UOGD.

Users can interact with the map and download curated lists of studies. Selecting "All studies" returns all citations included in the map. Selecting "Unmapped studies" returns citations that had a national focus, did not identify individual U.S. states represented in the research or were conducted in Canada.

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Looking for definitions of UOGD, exposure, and epidemiology-related terms? Check out the HEI Energy glossary.

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