HEI Energy Policies

Guiding Principles

This guide provides a high-level view of how HEI Energy works, distilling myriad guidance documents, protocols, fact sheets, and other operational information into basic principles and concepts that make HEI Energy a reliable source of impartial science about UOGD.

HEI Energy Guiding Principles

Conflict of Interest 

A robust policy on disclosure and management of relevant affiliations, relationships, and financial interests is essential. HEI Energy has set out policies for disclosure of any conflicts — whether actual or perceived, financial or otherwise. It uses these policies when inviting peer-reviewers and advisors, forming committees, and crafting appropriate roles for committees and their members. 

HEI Conflict of Interest Policy

Quality Assurance and Management Guidelines

All HEI Energy studies are expected to have adequate Quality Assurance /Quality Control (QA/QC) procedures in place, and investigators are required to follow HEI Energy Quality Assurance and Control Procedures. Adequate QA/QC procedures ensure that the data are collected under defined conditions as specified in relevant Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and data protocols, are reliable and traceable, and the analyses appropriate and reproducible. In addition to laying out QA/QC, HEI Energy engages with external Quality Assurance Consultants to oversee the implementation of QA/QC procedures and to review the Final Report.

HEI Quality Assurance Policies and Procedures

Data Management, Preservation, and Access

HEI Energy is committed to transparency and data access. It is HEI Energy’s policy to provide access expeditiously to data for studies that it has funded and to provide those data in a manner that facilitates review and verification of the work, but that also protects confidential data, business information, and the confidentiality of study participants, as well as respecting the intellectual interests of the original investigator of the work. The major responsibility for data management is delegated by HEI Energy to the investigator. The location where data are stored and made accessible varies, depending on the kind of data. If the investigator does not have a preference, HEI uses the Harvard Dataverse repository. HEI Energy requires that data be saved in a usable form for at least 10 years and that the investigator informs HEI when disposing of the data.

HEI Policy on Data Management, Preservation, and Access

Policy Regarding Research Involving Use of Human Subjects

Applicants requesting research funds from HEI Energy are asked to indicate in their application whether human subjects or derived materials will be used in the course of their study. HEI Energy asks that applicants using human subjects or materials obtain IRB approval, which is contingent on whether the study is in accordance with 40 CFR Part 26 and EPA Order 1000.17A. No work may begin, including recruitment of subjects, before both the IRB and EPA processes have been completed satisfactorily.

HEI Energy Policy Regarding Research Involving the Use of Human Subjects