Science to address questions from communities, industry, and regulators
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HEI Energy is dedicated to high-quality science from defining the goals to reviewing the results. HEI Energy anticipates requesting population-level exposure research conducted in multiple oil and gas-producing regions of the United States by a highly qualified interdisciplinary team of scientists.

The projects that HEI Energy funds either provide scientific information of direct and immediate regulatory relevance or pave the way for developing such information. Two independent committees, the Energy Research Committee and the Energy Review Committee, work in an environment uniquely structured to foster the necessary separation between selecting and overseeing research on the one hand and critically reviewing results on the other. This separation permits HEI Energy to fund and guide research, as well as to provide credible peer reviews of that same research.

Funded studies will be described here in the future.

Check out the Funding page for more about how HEI Energy funds research.