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Barnett Shale

Hydrocarbon-producing geological formation consisting of sedimentary rocks and stretching from the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex west and south, covering 5,000 square miles. (Source: Texas Commission on Environmental Quality 2018)


A synclinal structure in the subsurface, formerly the bed of an ancient sea. Because it is composed of sedimentary rock and its contours provide traps for petroleum, a basin is a good prospect for exploration. (Source: Schlumberger 2019)


A systematic deviation of results or inferences from the truth or processes leading to such systematic deviation; any systematic tendency in the collection, analysis, interpretation, publication, or review of data that can lead to conclusions that are systematically different from the truth. In epidemiology, bias does not imply intentional deviation. (Adapted from: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2014)


An uncontrolled flow of gas, oil, or other well fluids from the well. (Source: Schlumberger 2019)


Water containing more dissolved inorganic salt than typical seawater. (Source: Schlumberger 2019)