Social Science and Environmental Health Webinar Recording is Now Available.

July 17, 2023

On June 27, HEI Energy hosted a webinar "Social Science and Environmental Health: Case Studies of Research Collaborations." This webinar presented three case studies of research collaborations between social scientists and environmental health scientists.

The webinar included the following talks: 

  • Welcome and Introduction; Ayusha Ariana
  • Geoscientific analysis and community engagement to analyze exposures to potential groundwater contamination Southwestern Pennsylvania; Dr. Jennifer Baka
  •  AIRE Study: Social and Environmental Justice Impacts; Dr. Stephanie Malin
  • Community engaged cumulative risk assessment of exposure to well water contamination, Crow Reservation, Montana; Myra Lefthand, Dr. Mari Eggers, and John Doyle
  • Panel Discussion and Q&A; moderated by Dr. Julia Haggerty and Dr. Donna Vorhees

The complete recording of the webinar is now available.

For those who attended, we appreciate your participation and value your feedback. We encourage you to take a moment to complete this quick survey and share your thoughts on the webinar. 

Watch the Webinar Recording