Kirsten Koehler


Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland

Kirsten Koehler is a Professor in the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering. She is an exposure scientist with a focus on ambient and indoor air pollution. Her research goals are to improve exposure assessment methods, including cost-effective approaches to quantify spatial and temporal variability in air pollutants to ultimately understand how these exposures impact health. She currently operates a multipollutant low-cost sensor network in Baltimore City with a focus on understanding how environmental justice communities may be overburdened to multiple pollutants and the contribution of specific sources to those exposures. She also focuses on pollutant exposures indoors because most individuals spend the majority of their time indoors, where concentrations are often higher than in ambient air.


She is currently an Occupational Health Section Editor for Current Environmental Health Reports and from 2019-2023 was a member of the Safety and Occupational Health Study Section for the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.


Dr. Koehler has a B.S. in Atmospheric Science from the University of California at Los Angeles, a M.S. and Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science from Colorado State University and did Postdoctoral training in Environmental Health Sciences at Colorado State University.