HEI Energy releases interactive spatial bibliography

November 18, 2020

HEI Energy has now made available its spatial bibliography, which includes a searchable map displaying the geographical distribution of research on potential changes in environmental quality from the development of oil and gas from unconventional resources (UOGD) in the United States. To support its planning HEI Energy collected the studies summarized in this bibliography, which report levels of chemical agents such as benzene or nonchemical agents such as noise that were measured in the environment or in human media (e.g., blood) and might be attributable to UOGD.

The bibliography includes journal articles and reports identified through four electronic databases using search terms and through reference lists in the articles and reports. Studies are geolocated based on where the study authors reported measuring or modeling the levels of chemical agents or nonchemical agents in air, water, and other environmental media.

Users can interact with the map and download curated lists of studies. Learn more.


Exposure Science