HEI Energy completes a multi-year plan for implementation of new research program

August 6, 2020
HEI-Energy Implementation Plan

HEI Energy — an affiliate of the Health Effects Institute — has completed a multiyear plan for implementation of its research program. Under the program, HEI Energy will fund population-level exposure and health effects research in representative communities affected by the onshore development of oil and natural gas from shale and other unconventional resources. The Plan describes the program, its overall goals and expectations, and its governance structure designed to ensure high-quality and impartial research. Also outlined are plans for engagement with the broad range of stakeholders interested in this research, such as regulatory authorities at all levels of government, industry, communities in areas affected by the development, environmental and public health non-governmental organizations, and academic research scientists. The Plan is intended to provide a common understanding of the Program and the credible science that it will be delivered. It will be revised and updated from time to time to reflect the evolving state of knowledge and changes in resource availability.

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