HEI Energy releases two reviews of the literature on potential human exposures and health effects associated with unconventional oil and natural gas development to inform its planning for research

September 12, 2019

HEI Energy has released two companion reviews of the literature on potential exposures and health effects.

The Epidemiology Report is a systematic review designed to yield a transparent, reproducible, objective, and critical assessment of the epidemiology literature. This report underwent independent peer-review and is a final report. The draft Exposure Report is a survey of studies with diverse objectives that provide information relevant to assessments of  UOGD exposures. HEI Energy seeks your comments on this draft report.

HEI Energy’s Research Committee (the Committee) conducted these reviews to understand the current state of the science and identify gaps in knowledge of UOGD exposures and their health effects. Informed by its reviews of the literature and input received from a range of stakeholders, the Committee is preparing a Research Solicitation, seeking multidisciplinary teams with the skill and capacity to conduct exposure studies in multiple oil-and gas-producing regions of the United States.


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